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Pilasters & Door Surrounds

Pilasters & Door Surrounds

¹door sur·round noun
To extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle. molding which outlines an object or opening. A decorative structure around a doorway.

Etymology: From Old French suronder, from Late Latin superundare

Pilasters and door surrounds enhance entryways, and add personality to doors and windows. The details of the pilasters, crossheads, capitals, etc. used in interior or exterior/front door surrounds, combine to offer you a grang impression. The stately entrance feel achieved with these mix-and-match elements establishes style and strong curb appeal. An entire palette is at your fingertips when you personalize the look by combining these elements along with other chair rail, frieze, crown or cornice moldings.

Front door surrounds helps define the style even before you enter and adds character to the home. Can also be used without a door to trim an opening between two rooms! Choose from our interior/exterior door surrounds to suit your style and décor.

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Waterhill -7ft & 14ft

K-310-Pilasters & Door Surrounds

Face 5 1/2"


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Leaf & Pearl

K-810-Pilasters & Door Surrounds

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Leaf & PearlPilasters & Door Surrounds

Rope & Dart

K-231-Pilasters & Door Surrounds


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Rope & DartPilasters & Door Surrounds

Unique Pearl

K-810N-Pilasters & Door Surrounds


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Unique Pearl Pilasters & Door Surrounds

Door Header with Plaque Rossette Center

K-203CH-Pilasters & Door Surrounds

Face 8 ½"

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Door Header with Plaque  Rossette CenterPilasters & Door Surrounds
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