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¹dome noun
Large recess in roof or ceiling having a circular, polygonal hemispherical or semispherical shape.

Etymology: French dôme dome, cathedral, from Italian duomo cathedral, from Medieval Latin domus

Ceiling domes create a focal point in a room and changes its shape and feel whether a round dome, or decorative dome center although primarily decorative ceiling domes also physically increase the space of a room and allows for larger light fixtures. They add the same beauty and depth as trey ceilings, but at a fraction of the cost.

Grand foyers, lobbies and luxurious living and dining rooms are majestically transformed with the addition of ceiling domes. Ceiling domes can be used over a dining room table, or to really set off or highlight a magnificent chandelier in a great room.

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Recessed 27" Dome



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Recessed 27" DomeDomes

Recessed 60" Dome



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Recessed 60" DomeDomes

Recessed 52" Dome



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Recessed 52" DomeDomes

Recessed 62" Dome



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Recessed 62" DomeDomes
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