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Chair Rail & Friezes

Chair Rail & Friezes

¹chair·rail noun
Decorative piece of molding fixed horizontally to the wall around the perimeter of a room. usu. separating the wainscot from the upper wall, at a suitable height to protect the wall from the backs of chairs

¹frieze noun
A horizontal band, flat member or face that runs below the crown. Center of the wall, or above doorways The frieze may be plain or with designs or carvings.

Chair rail and wall friezes have both a decorative and practical function. Chair moldings are applied to a wall anywhere from 24 to 48 inches from the floor. They add a beautiful, accent to the room, running horizontally to form a wainscot look.

Frieze molding can also be used as a larger Panel Molding to form panels on ceilings or walls. A wall freeze can also be used to create a dividing line in a space making it more intimate, alleviating the vast scale and empty feeling of expansive rooms or high ceilings.

Decorative frieze moldings are most common in neoclassical architecture. Our chair rail moldings and frieze molding come in a variety of styles and motifs.

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Waterhill -7ft & 14ft

K-310-Chair Rail & Friezes

Face 5 1/2"


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Old-World Urn

K- 729-Chair Rail & Friezes

Face 8 1/4"


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Old-World UrnChair Rail & Friezes


K-315-Chair Rail & Friezes

Face 9"


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Crown Chair Rail & Friezes


K-280-Chair Rail & Friezes

Face 8 "


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FlutedChair Rail & Friezes

Classic Rope

K- 832-Chair Rail & Friezes


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Classic RopeChair Rail & Friezes
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